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digital marketing

Our digital marketing services offer you strategies for search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising and social media with a focus on increasing conversion rates through user engagement and a great user experience.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can give you so many benefits because of the reach it has. Consumers have access to information anytime and anywhere, and your company is exposed to what the media, competitors and customers say about you. Digital marketing communicates your campaign much quicker to your audience and provides the ability for it to be spread much quicker and easier, through many different methods, to a wider audience. With the digital market growing with a rapid force, it is vital for any business to consider boosting their digital marketing.

Why do you need a digital strategy?

A digital strategy is imperative when trying to gain new customers and building better relationships with existing ones
Gain or keep your market share – not having a clear strategic goals will give your competitors the edge
To gain insight into customer behaviour and preferences
To enable you to plan, budget and execute your digital marketing

How IOCEA can help you

IOCEA can help you put together a digital marketing strategy. We will work together to analyse your current marketplace and provide insight into focussed areas where improvements can help you overtake your competitors.

The strategy will be based on your business requirements and your customer’s expectations, with the aim of increasing revenue. We will work together to agree the best form of digital marketing for your budget and combine what we feel is appropriate to reach your end goals.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising content and site layout to help search engines evaluate the site correctly to drive "searchers" to the correct area of your site to satisfy their search term. Keeping within Googles own recommendation’s and also best practices and industry standard techniques we will assist in promoting the site within search engines.

Landing Pages

Another strategy to boost your rankings will be to incorporate landing pages to the site. Landing pages known as "Hub pages" will be solely about the category navigated to, with each relevant product linking back to this hub. Providing content to the shopper will help to focus attention, encouraging your shopper to take an action. Each landing page should be dedicated to a single purpose, for example stickers.

With the introduction of landing pages we aim to increase the conversion rate. This is useful for SEO but also gives a very good user experience of your site by directing shoppers to a relevant starting point for the searched query.

These pages could also be used within social areas to push offers and to generate great content to get free relevant links back to your site. This will also help us all with analysing and driving traffic around the site. With an eye on SEO we strive to build a great user experience of the site.

Keyword Research

Keywords will be researched and tracked in order for us to plan a strategy for the relevant pages around the site. The keywords will be broken down into Head Tail, Mid Tail and Long Tail.


IOCEA provide the ability to host a blog on the web site. Not only does integrating your blog provide visitor benefits but SEO benefits too. All backlinks to blog posts will contribute directly to your website’s overall SEO strength because those backlinks are pointing to your main domain. Thus helping ranking within the search engines.

Having more content pages on your site will also help the entire site rank better due to the greater amount of content rich pages. IOCEA will be able to offer advice on best practices for blog posts.

Content Marketing

Content marketing should provide exclusive information to your customers in order to help build your audience, with the aim of driving traffic to your site. All content should be efficient, interesting and informative. Your aim is to exhibit your insights and expertise providing knowledge to your customers. Content does not have to be solely text. Consider the use of images, infographics, photography, videos and presentations to engage your reader. IOCEA will be able to provide advice for any content created and would assist with this as and when required.

Social Media

Social media is another channel to explore in order to promote, retain and encourage your customers back to the site. It is important to monitor sales through social channels as well as monitoring your competitors. Done correctly, social media can increased brand recognition and loyalty, increase conversion rates and provide a richer customer experience as well as increasing inbound traffic. Working alongside your other online marketing campaigns, social media can be used to promote these campaigns and get people talking about your brand.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be used to bring new customers to your site with the proposition to grow online sales. Having effective adverts displaying against the correct searches at relevant times of the day can help to boost your revenue. Google AdWords is a cost effective way of bringing customers to your site because you can control the budget day by day setting maximum outlays. Campaigns are fully measureable and by analysing data and sales from the campaigns we can monitor the profitability of your campaigns and make adjustments when needed. IOCEA will be able to set up and manage your AdWords campaigns, agreeing between us relevant strategies, budgets and targets.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the sending of a commercial email in order to build customer loyalty, trust in your products and company and to generate sales.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

It’s an efficient way of keeping in touch with your customers whilst also promoting your business. It allows you to be personal in order to create lasting relationships with customers. Success through email marketing is easy to measure, which enables you to tailor your marketing to the people who are reading and using the emails. Emails should work on all devices as the percentage of emails read on a mobile is growing daily and we need to regularly simulate users from email to purchase to ensure the experience is a great and seamless process. Not only should we be sending generic emails to customers, but offer targeted emails to boost the ROI of the email campaign.

Marketing emails must be linked with Google Analytics so we can successfully track further data from the email campaigns.

Why do you need an email marketing strategy?

It puts your message in front of a lot of existing and new customers

The risks are slim, costs are low and potential is big

Emails allow you to get to know your target customers and the preferences and benefits they are looking for

Online marketing can be a tough process, requiring collaboration through all your marketing channels. However having this consistent message has proven to be the most effective and powerful way to promote, maintain and build customer trust and loyalty. IOCEA can help your business build the most effective marketing strategy for you, whilst constantly maintaining the best experience for your customers.

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