Marketplace Integration

Market place integration

There are many ways that we can increase sales of a website. These include such methods as creating email campaigns, advertising and optimising the site to index higher in search engines. All of these methods are great for increasing sales, however, another great way of achieving this is through marketplace integration.

What Is Marketplace Integration?

Marketplace integration is the integration of popular, well established marketplaces that already exist on the web. Using these marketplaces help to expose your products to a wider audience, as the customer based for them are already wide. Take for example Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest sales websites there is and a highly recognized global brand, with a large customer base. By integrating Amazon into your site, your products would appear on the site, and be accessible to a larger audience due to the amount of shoppers Amazon attract.

Advantages of Marketplace Integration

Another advantage to using marketplace integration is when you are planning to expand your customs overseas. Breaking into the overseas market can be difficult, and advertising for global sales can be even more challenging. Therefore, using a marketplace that already has a wide global base, such as Amazon, eBay and can open up you site to customers living abroad.

Benefits To You

There are many advantages to integrating popular marketplaces. One of these is that all of the data is stored in one system. This means that all of your products, orders and stock levels can be controlled from one place. For example, if you run out of stock on a certain product that you sell over 3 different marketplaces, and have just restocked, updating your stock levels on the site will also update the stock levels across all the marketplaces that are integrated. This saves a lot of time, and also makes it less likely that errors are created, as the information is only being updated in one place.

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